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My general hourly rate is £27 however I charge £42 for the first hour, then £27 for the subsequent hours. I normally like a minimum 2 hour slot covered (£69) to allow for setting up and travel but may be flexible if you are near to my last job.

A two hour slot can often be a blessing in disguise as there are often other bits and pieces that need attending to, even if it is moving furniture, pulling heavy items to/from a loft, chopping trees/bushes, unblocking sinks, mould removal, or even re-sealing around the bath tub or shower. So please take advantage of me while I am there and get your monies worth!

I am not VAT registered due to not crossing the current VAT threshold. As such I do not add VAT onto my service, however VAT on materials is included in the price from our trade suppliers.

I accept payment by cheque, bank transfer (from your telephone or online banking,) or cash.

My ambition is not to grow geographically but to stay local and grow public awareness of The Quarterjack Handyman Services, in order to build a loyal local customer base with the potential for continuous growth. With this in mind, I am only too aware of the need for keen pricing. Check out competitors online, some of whom charge over £70 for each hour.

Terms of Business

I do try and carry as many consumables as I possibly can, e.g. tap washers, pipe fittings, screws and rawl plugs, silicones, etc.

If you prefer you can supply the products and I will fix them for you.


Payment is by cash or cheque or direct to bank on completion of the work. All materials supplied by myself remain my property until paid for in full.

Larger jobs, i.e. more than one day's work, terms of payment will be agreed prior to work commencing.

Hourly rates

My standard hourly rates are shown below. These are the rates I will use when we have not set an agreed price for the work.


1st hour min charge



Per hour after 1st hour



For Full Day (up to 7.5 hours)

£27 per hour thereafter


Above rates apply to 6 days a week, no after hours extra charge. After the first hour's minimum charge any subsequent hours are charged by the half hour (rounded up or down from the quarter hour).

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